Are you ready to pull back the curtains and shine a spotlight on your leadership? Aaron is passionate about working with emerging leaders, non-profit leaders, and established leaders. The process of coaching is described below. If you are interested in having a conversation about services, I invite you contact me and we’ll establish a time to connect at your convenience! 

Complimentary Session

In this thirty-minute conversation we will discuss what your needs and goals are for a coaching relationship. We’ll discuss how you and your stakeholders can benefit from coaching. This will be an opportunity for us to engage and determine if we’re a good fit to work together. 

Contract Review

If you would like to continue and spotlight your leadership, we’ll begin to customize your coaching package based on your needs. We’ll also discuss how often you would like to meet in order to best support your objectives. Finally, we’ll discuss the platform in which you would like to meet—impactful coaching can take place via Telephone or WebEx. However, for clients in the Buffalo-Niagara-Rochester region may wish to meet in person for a coaching conversation or a combination. 

Coaching Engagement

Packages are customized for each client based on their need but will typically include:

DiSC Assessment: There are three assessments that can spotlight your communication and effectiveness as a leader. Based on your experience with DiSC, your role in the organization, and your overall objectives you may take one of three assessments. To learn more about the assessments and view sample reports please click here. Note that the pricing is for folks purchasing the assessment without coaching. Leaders who purchase a coaching package receive a discount on assessments. 

360 Review: For leaders who have been in the position for a year, and want to spotlight their leadership competencies and partner with stakeholders (boss, peers, and direct reports) can have the opportunity to receive impactful feedback. This can be a great benchmark for opening a discussion of where we progress in our conversation for your leadership development. 

Facilitation: Anytime you elect to take an assessment or 360 review to spotlight your leadership, we’ll have a one hour debrief of what the assessment is measuring, break down the content, answer any questions, and discuss how this can benefit you as a leader and action steps on how to incorporate the new awareness into your development. 

Coaching Hours: You will determine how many coaching hours to use as you see fit. Coaching calls can take place in 30, 45, and 60-minute conversations. If you get off track from the coaching frequency that we agreed upon, that is okay—life does happen and your coaching time does not expire. 

Premium Resources: Occasionally, you will be provided premium resources (booklets, books, cards) that will assist you in your development. These resources are based on your needs. 

Online Resources: You’ll have access to an online portal with online resources that I have developed to support you in your journey. You’ll also have access to public domain resources. 

Laser Focus Coaching: You will be able to send me an email or text message any time to celebrate a win, shift your mindset in preparation for a meeting or obtain quick coaching. This is unlimited but cannot exceed more than fifteen minutes per call. Anytime beyond that would count towards your coaching hours. 

An example of what a package would look like is demonstrated below. Pricing may vary based on payment plan options and a discount offered to emerging leaders and non-profit leaders. 

Pricing Summary

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