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Aaron is a solution-focused facilitator and coach who is passionate about working with emerging leaders and established leaders to inspire them to action by facilitating powerful conversations to develop clarity as to who they are as a leader, improve their effectiveness as a leader, and strengthen their relationships by ensuring their communication is more impactful. Aaron brings over 10 years of diverse experience as a coach, facilitator, and CFO in organizations with revenues ranging from one billion to two million dollars. Aaron has experience working with fortune 500 companies, S-Corporations, and non-profit organizations. Aaron has experience coaching emerging leaders (project managers, team leads, and directors) in the industries of technology, safety, and public relations.

Aaron believes that the best coaching conversations are those that provide a space for clients to spotlight their thoughts and beliefs by holding the Five Ericksonian Principles in mind as he starts each conversation. Those Five Principles include:

  • Leaders are okay as they are.
  • Leaders already have all the resources within them to achieve their agenda.
  • Leaders always make the best choices they can at the time.
  • Every behavior has a positive intention.
  • Change is inevitable. 

Aaron earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and a Master’s of Public Administration from Texas Tech University. He completed a The Art & Science of Coaching certificate with Erickson Coaching International which included 128 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours and 28 additional hours of mentorship.


  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC)
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Certification


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